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Revolutionizing Unanet Reporting with OctoScrape.

Unanet is a powerful project management and financial software solution, trusted by countless organizations to streamline their business processes. However, extracting, analyzing, and visualizing data from Unanet's built-in reports has always been a challenge.

Until now.

We are excited to announce the near completion of our game-changing software that simplifies data extraction and analysis from Unanet's Cost Summary, Cost Summary and Status, and Project Cost Summary (JSR) reports, enabling users to make more informed business decisions. We call it OctoScrape.

Unlocking the Power of Unanet Data

OctoScrape seamlessly transfers report data from the Unanet interface into a database, capturing every element displayed, including plans, budgets, actuals, actuals with plans, and variances. By reformatting the data into a database/excel ready format, our tool empowers users to analyze their project data with ease, using their preferred tools such as Excel Pivot Tables, Power BI, or other data visualization platforms.

OctoScrape offers enhanced flexibility, allowing users to display data in the time-phased format seen on the Unanet screen or in a pivoted table, providing a more comprehensive view for deeper analysis. Initially developed to access forecast/plan data from the Cost Summary and Cost Summary and Status reports, we are continuously expanding the software's capabilities to accommodate more reports and functionalities.

Effortless and Accurate Data Extraction

We understand the immense effort required to run and reformat Unanet reports, especially when dealing with multiple tasks and projects. OctoScrape addresses this challenge by reproducing the exact results provided by Unanet, even for large datasets, by project or by task.

OctoScrape leverages the Saved Reports feature in Unanet, allowing users to specify which reports they wish to extract by appending a suffix to the report name. The software then automatically searches for, identifies, and extracts the desired information, storing it in a low-cost MySQL database for easy access and analysis.

Use Case Examples

  1. Project managers can quickly identify areas of cost overrun, enabling them to take corrective action promptly and stay within budget.

  2. Financial analysts can generate detailed, customized financial reports to support data-driven decision making and monitor the performance of various projects.

  3. Business leaders can gain valuable insights into their organization's overall financial health, identifying trends and opportunities for growth.

Stay Tuned and Subscribe for More Updates

As we put the finishing touches on OctoScrape, we invite you to subscribe to our blog so you stay tuned for more updates. We are confident that our solution will revolutionize Unanet reporting, enabling users to unlock the full potential of their project and financial data. If you are interested in learning more please contact us by clicking the button below!

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