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Carving a System

When you split off from a parent company and need your data.

The Problem:

Spinning off from a parent company is difficult. Making this more difficult is this particular company split off and was going to lose several years of historical data. Other's solution was to provide them with Excel spreadsheets, pdfs of system reports, and trial balances. This was not an acceptable or auditable solution leaving the company without access to historical data without costly migration of both Costpoint and Unanet data.

The Solution:

Rather than migrating data and losing source documentation, we created access to that source documentation with $0 monthly costs.

We built a standalone application utilizing a free account with Retool ( We carved out the former division from the parent company's Costpoint and Unanet time and expense system and created a MySQL database housed by the new company. From there we utilized Retool to connect to that data and provide an interface allowing users to view their data in a user friendly application. This application allowed them to pull up timesheets from Unanet going back multiple years and see all the necessary information associated with approvals and corrections. It allowed them multiple years of expense report data including the attachments for audit purposes. It allowed them to run General Ledger, Billing History, and other key reports from the data produced in Costpoint all in one centralized application built on Retool's platform. This solution saved tens of thousands of dollars in maintaining a seperate licenses for this historical data or migrating that data into their new system. It also provides them with an auditable system where backup can be provided for all historical transactions.

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