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Death by Powerpoint

Monthly presentations were killing analysis and wasting precious time. We streamlined the process with PowerBI and unified the team.

The Problem:

Monthly reviews took hours, even days, to prepare. Much of the inefficiency was due to the financial data in a form that made it difficult to distill, hard to find, and graphs that were not templatized. On top of this, once the data was presented in a different format, mistakes were found and the whole process would need to be repeated.

The Solution:

Utilizing technology they already had access to, we implemented Microsoft's PowerBI. We built the queries behind the scenes and validated that data with finance. Once we had agreement of all parties we began building out a dashboard that focused on their KPIs and distilled what really mattered. From there we used DAX to develop an intelligent Dashboard where the user could select a division and a timeframe and PowerBI did the rest, building their financial slides that could be exported to Powerpoint. This unified divisions that were bogged down with how to format graphs and charts and focused them on indicators such as a top 10 variance between forecast and planned revenue.

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