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Retiring Microsoft Access

In this project we rebuilt an entire custom Microsoft Access Database and converted it to an Oracle Database.

The Problem:

The company utilized Unanet for time, expense, and project reporting and Costpoint for their General Ledger system. Both systems were kept in synch through the Unanet Integrated Management Utility (IMU). The IMU was the backbone in keeping both systems synchronized. It worked great to start, but as the company grew they quickly found the solution was starting to show limitations. Taking nearly three and half hours (yes hours) to synchronize the data between the two systems and many times, timing out and failing all together.

The Solution:

We re-constructed the entire IMU from Microsoft Access to a more efficient Oracle database utilizing Navicat. We re-wrote the entire IMU, tested, and implemented it in their environment. The results? The new rebuilt IMU took less than 30 minutes to complete. Because of this increase in speed, the IMU could be run more frequently keeping up with the addition of projects and people. We also helped modify their business rules that were being held back because of the overloaded IMU in Access. This IMU is still running strong and under 30 minutes for over a year now.

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