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Two systems Two Truths

Two databases doing battle with the way information was presented. We connected these two systems and made them tell the truth!

The Problem:

The Company decided to employ Deltek Costpoint as their accounting system of record and utilize Unanet for time, expense, and project reporting. This all looked great on paper but in practice they found themselves with two systems showing two different data points.

The Solution:

We establish a separate database that connected to the Costpoint Oracle Database and the Unanet Oracle Database allowing the strengths from each system to be showcased and producing data that was vetted and agreed upon. This data warehouse opened up the two worlds allowing users to use vetted data from Costpoint for financial reports and real-time data from Unanet to manage their projects. The data warehouse connected these two very different systems and provided a single "truth" in numbers eliminating frustrations imposed on both sides, accounting and project management.

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